event setup professionals for those who values being in the moment

the convenient way to take yourself out of the setup

what our customers are saying

"I wish I had these professionals for my wedding!"

Nora Jensen

halloween Party

"best part was leaving the cleanup to someone else"

Tou Lee

Birthday Party

"first time i was able to host and enjoy the party"

vijay Balakrishnan

business party

"coordinating with one person instead of five different businesses was amazing"

sally lor


"it was as simple as telling them how i envisioned it"

Tyron Williams

birthday party

"all my friends were amazed at how spectacular the setup was!"

chelsea o'Connor

friendsgiving party

it is not up for debate

hosting an event is overwhelming

you don't even know where to start

getting all the supplies is a fulltime job

communication feels like the telephone game

the breakdown is another fulltime job

you shouldn't be punish for bringing everyone together

we are the event setup professionals that specialize in removing you from the work

our systemized approach rewards you with the peace of mind to be present

the stress free process to remove you from the work



we brainstorm together how to make this the best event of the year



just sit back and watch your event come together



sit back again and watch your event get clean up

package prices

hourly package
have supplies delivered
event setup
event breakdown
2 on-site staff
must be schedule one month in advance
10% discount on supplies through partner stores
all day package
all previous features
no time limit
2 Additional on-site staff
can be scheduled same week
monthly package
all previous features
unlimited events
no charge for same-day changes
15% discount on supplies through partner stores

let's start removing you from the setup

make this the event that you get to be present for

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